""You were so responsive and prompt with every phone call and question I had. I know we had an unusual situation but you knew exactly what we needed. And you are both so nice it was like working with old friends! ""
- Cindy
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A A A Pet Doors Of New Mexico
Only The Best Pet Doors And Installation For Your A A A Pet!

Gary and Neslyn Hill, Owners of AAA Pet Doors of New Mexico, with Molly

Installation Pricing*

Doors (wood, metal, fiberglass) $145.00
Walls (frame, non brick exterior) $165.00
Walls (brick vineer) $250.00
Walls (double brick/masonry) $300.00
Concrete/foundations $300.00
Screen Models $100.00
Ramps $50.00
Storm Door/Security Door $100.00
Security Barriers (simple) $100.00
Security Barriers (standard dog house style) $150.00
Flap Replacement $50.00-$75.00
Remove and Patch (wall with saved pieces) $150.00
Remove and Patch (wall without saved pieces) $200.00

For pet door pricing, please visit Hale Pet Door.  We offer a 10% discount on people who adopt their pets and Hale Pet Door will make a matching 10% donation to the pet rescue of your choice.  NOTE : *Installation prices start at the above rates but may be more depending on your particular location, installation type, exterior wall ( stucco , Straw Bale, Adobe , etc ) and size of the pet door. Please call us for an accurate quote. 

Payment Types Accepted:

Cash, Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) No checks.